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A Message from Al Leone, Founder of "Enter The Bridge"

A Message from Al Leone, Founder of "Enter The Bridge"


The online community for "The Bridge of Truth"

In recent years, social networks have become increasingly popular as a way for people in the global community to connect to others with common interests. The focus of many sites is often dating or other forms of socialization. Some are family-oriented, others are geared for adults. Some focus more on music and artistic expression, others on building business alliances. Sports, fashion, hobbies and lifestyle are also popular unifying themes. For those of you who have seen the presentations on "The Bridge of Truth," have been inspired by them and motivated to get involved, you already know the reason "Enter The Bridge" was created. But for the uninitiated, someone who was recommended to our site by a friend or perhaps happened upon us from a search or blog post, be assured that your presence here is not an accident.

It is the purpose of "Enter The Bridge" that, I feel, makes it unique – to bring together like-minded people who want to have a positive impact on the world. At first glance you will find the trappings of other social networks, and I’m pleased to say it contains some of the most recent innovations in the field. But while you will certainly have the opportunity to socialize and form personal connections, as well as to seek or offer products and services, it’s not intended as a dating site, a marketplace for jobs or merchandise, or a storage bin for pictures and videos. There are other wonderful sites that do a great job of that, and you will have the opportunity to import content and connections from them to include as part of your online presence at "Enter The Bridge." But more importantly, I hope you will use those features on our site as a way to introduce yourself, your ideas, talents and goals, to the rest of the community. "Enter The Bridge" will provide you with the environment and the tools you will need to take a positive idea, something you are passionate about, something that can make a difference, and bring it to fruition. The current political climate has opened us to a greater awareness of the need for change, and the willingness for bureaucracy and its established structures to facilitate it. And clarity has also been brought to the severe economic, environmental, political and social issues that societies everywhere face. Unfortunately, between the problems and the solutions often come those underlying beliefs and practices that throughout the ages have seemed to keep essentially good and caring people apart and in conflict, even creating the very problems needing to be resolved. The reality is that these divergent beliefs and practices will not easily change, and humanity may go to its doom if each side waits for the other to do so. These beliefs are at the foundation of the separation between Religion and Science, and are essential to our understanding of Who we are, Why we are here, and How we came to be. Given this understanding, can people with divergent beliefs, some on the side of Religion, others on that of Science, come together to resolve the issues we so desperately need to address, like hunger, disease, environmental collapse, global warming, and violence in all its forms? This is the quest of our community, to find What the common bonds are that connect us all. They comprise "The Bridge of Truth," as do all who choose to venture upon it. Once inside, you will learn about, in their spiritual and physical reflections, the Four Pathways that Humanity since the dawn of its consciousness has followed to resolve the nature of its existence. These primary paths will furnish the starting points for members to meet and organize with others who have similar beliefs and practices, while secondary alignments, those things that we care deeply about, will provide the common bonds between members with divergent beliefs. In this way, members who may be on opposite sides of a particular issue can look beyond those things that would normally separate us, to see in one another a comrade in the Bigger Picture of creating a better world.

There is no charge to sign up and sample all the features available on "Enter The Bridge." You can then choose either a free or a subscription membership depending on the services you require. But even the free membership will provide you with all you need to have a fulfilling online experience and accomplish great things. Moreover, our site is open to anyone over the age of 15, since it would be unfair to prejudge by age who might make a positive impact, who may have the next great idea and is willing to work hard to see it happen. Therefore, I ask adults to be mindful of our younger members and refrain from posting mature or extreme content not in keeping with our purpose. Our community will be self-moderating, and I will be involved only to the extent of guiding its development and maintaining the focus of its direction. By working together, it will grow to become as wonderful and productive as we make it. Exciting times are ahead, and it is a future you can be a part of. So, I invite you to join in and get involved today.

Enter The Bridge

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